Baby Bow Club

Life is always better with bows

When you’re a sleep-deprived mum with unwashed hair and Weetbix smeared on your jumper, it’s easy to feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. A simple bow in your babes hair is the easiest way to make it feel like you’ve got it all together.

We’re here to make your life a little more magical – and to give you and your babe a little pep in your step. Because life is always better with bows! 

Be sure to sign up to our monthly bow club so you don’t miss out on our latest styles.

Start your collection with our February bows

how it works

Step 1 - Select your subscription

Choose the styles you’d like to receive - Headbands, clips or a mix of both.

(You can change the style from month to month before your subscription renews on the 26th of each month.)


Step 2 - Let us work our magic

Sit back while we carefully cut, sew, iron and package up your beautiful new bows and send them on their way to you!

Expect an email from us around the 27th - 29th so you know to keep an eye out for the postie!

Step 3 - Enjoy your new bows!

Enjoy dressing your babe up in her new bows. Let us make life a little easier by providing you with a collection you will adore. 

Your subscription will automatically renew on the 26th of each month, we send you an email a couple of days prior if you wish to make any changes :)

Single Bows

Like a little black dress, our basics never go out of fashion.

Made just for you

So much love goes into each and every bow. Choosing the perfect colours and patterns each month brings me more joy than you could imagine! We're here to make your life a little easier so you always have a bow on hand - to give you and your babe a little extra pep in your step!

Start your collection with the NOVEMBER bows shipping October 30


From the very first month I subscribed to the Baby Bow Club, I was impressed with the quality & care taken in making these little masterpieces. The attention to detail and meticulous perfection with which each bow is created, made me realise that no machine made or store-bought bow would ever compare. A beautiful product & excellent customer service - what's not to love?

– Nishi K.

Not only are BBC bows amazing quality, but the customer service is too! Tara went above and beyond to satisfy our shopping experience! The sweet handwritten notes are just another sweet gesture! I can't say enough great things about this company and their exceptional service!

– Hannah A.

I just wanted to say how much I love getting these bows every month! They're always unique and adorable and it's always an exciting package to get! And my little girl Riley seems to love them too! Keep up the great work 🙌🏻

– Samantha L.

@babybowclub on instagram