The basics of our Monthly Bow Club:

Each month we handcraft and send you three simple stylish bows you'll be dying to pair with your little girls wardrobe!

Our monthly bows are exclusive to members and come in 2 sizes, Petite and Classic.

    • The subscription automatically renews on the 18th of each month. If you decide a set is not quite your style, you can simply login and skip the month.
    • Change up the bow style from month to month! We offer headbands, clips or why not try a mix of both!



Unless you want to make any changes, you don’t need to lift a finger - your subscription will automatically renew on the 18th of each month until cancelled.

Exclusive Discounts: Save up to $4 off the bows in our shop. (discount automatically applied when you login to your account before shopping)

Flexibility: Skip or cancel at anytime. We share a sneak peek of the new bows before you pay so you can login to your account and make any changes to your subscription.
    Free shipping Australia | $3 Worldwide




    How does the waitlist work?

    All our bows are handcrafted by me with a little help from my family.

    To make sure I can keep bringing you the best quality bows I only open a limited number of spots to new members each month.

    Spots to new members are offered to those on the waitlist.

    You can sign up for the waitlist on our website. There is a link on the home page, on the 'Join the bow club' page in the menu and also in the footer if you scroll to the bottom of the page.

    On the 20th or 21st of each month (I will advertise the exact date on our website and social media) I will send an email to the waitlist with the link to join the club.

    It’s then first in best dressed and once spots are filled, we will close sign ups until the following month. Generally we fill all the spots within an hour of sending the email.

    Once you’re in, your spot it is secure! You can subscribe for as long or little as you like, skip a month, swap the bow style and size - the freedom is all yours!

    The answers to all your bow club questions:

    Can I add extra bows to be shipped with my monthly bows?

    At this stage I'm unable to add extra bows to be sent with the subscription.

    Hopefully in the future I will expand and have more hands on board to help to make this happen!

    If you have purchased extra bows in the same transaction as the subscription, they will be included in the package with the subscription. Remember as a subscriber you save up to $4 off every bow, so you're best off subscribing and then grabbing your extras on their own!

    My payment was declined, what happens now?

    The system will automatically retry the payment again and will stop after 10 days. If the payment does not go through within 10 days you will miss that months bows and they will go to someone on the waitlist.

    Just reach out if you know there are issues with your card etc. I'm more than happy to hold onto the bows and help out if you don't want to miss out.

    How do the sister and pigtail sets work?

    We offer members of our bow club the opportunity to get 2 sets of the monthly bows!

    Swap your subscription to a pigtail or sister subscription // the swap will be recurring and you can login and swap back at anytime.

    If you select the pigtail set, you will receive 2 sets of petite bow clips | 1 set of left & right clip. (6 bows in total)

    If you select the sister set, you can choose your own configuration of the bows you receive and can mix and match the petite and regular bows. You will receive 6 bows in total.

    I'm trying to login to my account, it says account not recognised?

    This is a simple fix and you just need to set the password for your account. Just shoot me an email and I can fix it up for you! 

    If there is anything we have not covered here that you would like to know, please don't hesitate to contact us!