Baby Bow Club

Our Bows

Each month we release a collection of three unique and trendy baby bows. So much love goes into each and every bow and we get so much joy from choosing the perfect colours and patterns each month. 

We're here to make your life a little easier so you always have a bow on hand - to give you and your babe a little extra pep in your step! 

Select to have the bows handmade onto a headband, clip or even a mix of both!

JUNE BOWS - Shipping May 29th

We're bringing you the darker shades of autumn for the change in season.

1: Navy linen hand-tied school girl style 

2: Beige, black & gold cotton sailor bow

3: Knot assymetric bow in rust

Each bow is approximately 7 - 9cm wide and can be made up into headbands, clips or a mix of both!

This set will be sent as the June bows for all subscriptions up to the 25th of May (Shipping May 29th) Also available to purchase as a gift, which will be sent within 2 days from the date ordered.

You can also checkout our Baby Bow Club models wearing their bows on our Instagram page @babybowclub