Monthly Bow Set + Gift Subscription

$34.99 AUD

Collection of three beautiful handmade bows delivered to your door with a gift card enclosed that can be redeemed at any time. Enjoy having a gift to give and knowing its the perfect gift that keeps on giving!

Please select the bow style for the set, this can be changed for the additional months when the gift subscription is redeemed. 

  • Headband - Super soft nude nylon headband designed to stretch
  • Alligator clip - Right side or left side
  • Mix pack - create your own set with a mix of both
    • Each of our bows are hand sewn and made with great care by myself. Please allow 7 business days for this gift to be shipped. If you would like the gift sent on a specific date or would like a message left on the card, please leave a note at the checkout.

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