Baby Bow Club

6 Month Gift

$99.99 AUD

6 Month Gift
6 Month Gift 6 Month Gift

Collection of three beautiful handmade bows delivered to your door for the next 6 months! We're here to make your life a little easier so you always have a bow on hand - to give you and your babe a little extra pep in your step! 

Please select the bow style. This can be updated at anytime by logging into your account.

  • Headband - Super soft nude nylon headband designed to stretch
  • Alligator clip - Right side or left side
  • Mix pack - create your own set with a mix of both 

To guarantee you receive next months bows, please place your order before the 25th of the month, as they are shipped the first business day of the following month. You can view the next collection to be sent here